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jeff and cindiWe actually buried this page on purpose because we believe the our photography shouldn't be about us. It should be focused on you. But since you're here, we're guessing you want to know more about us and why we do this.

We are a husband and wife team who have been professional creatives for the last 25 years. The experience we have acquired over that time has refined our technical skills as well as our appreciation for good design. And raising four daughters over the last 20 years has also given us a sense of wonder of the beauty inside another human being.

Did we mention we had four daughters? Yeah, we know. That's a lot of weddings to finance in the future. Which is why we originally started shooting wedding photography (to set aside a little extra income for our daughters' future weddings).

But the more we shot, the more we fell in love with having the chance to capture the magic and love between people.

That's what we'd love to do for you.


jeff and cindi


These prices are for locations in the metro-Phoenix area. If there is travel involved, contact us for the extra travel fees.

Jeff Farmer | Metro-Phoenix | 602.617.7772 | | client access